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“Your Daily Vegan” creates their version of a Vegan Netflix

Lifestyle blog Your Daily Vegan (YDV) recently launched “Vegan Flicks”—a collection of vegan movies to serve as the Netflix for plant based people. Will there now be dates based around “Vegan Flicks and Chill?” The collection of movies will include: documentaries, video clips and television programs that are arranged in an easy-to-navigate order with accompanying descriptions, reviews, and recommendations for other relevant films.

Clips are available either for streaming on the site or a link is provided to direct users to where they can watch the film. YDV Founder KD Angle-Traegner started the blog in 2009 “to bring the vegan evolution to the masses.” Currently, Vegan Flicks features acclaimed films such as Food Inc., EarthlingsCowspiracy, and new short movie Food Chains—that includes Fast Food Nation producer Eric Schlosser, Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria, and the voice of actor Forest Whitaker. Thanks to our friends at VegNews for sharing this story first.