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World’s First Vegan Supermarket Chain!

I am so happy to announce that there is a supermarket dedicated to products for us! We Are Not Alone! Veganz, the first and world’s largest vegan grocery store chain, will set up shop in Portland, Oregon. Along with a supermarket, Veganz also plans to open a shoe and clothing store and restaurant in Portland.

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The chain was founded in February 2011 in Berlin, Germany by former Mercedes-Benz manager Jan Bredack; he said he wanted to make vegan shopping easier for everyone! Veganz imports goods from 30 countries worldwide and sells thousands of vegan products, including plant milk and cream, fake meats and fish, vegan ice creams, vegan cheeses and sweets, as well as toiletries and cosmetics. You can see the incredible range of products they have here! They also have stores in Prague and Vienna, and also plan on opening stores soon in London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Barcelona, Milan, and Copenhagen! THANK YOU BREDACK!