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When you tell a long time friend that you are now Vegan!

I have three very good friends in town this weekend that have all known me for ten plus years. Would you like to take a guess what they all teased me about during our first few hours together (sarcasm font).



Why is it that people have such a hard time accepting view points that are different than their own? Is it as simple as the media indoctrinating people as it occurs with politics, pop culture, etc? Is the answer that people just do not want to think outside their comfort zone? Is the answer simply that most do not want to make a major change until they are personally affected the way the pigs, cows, or chickens are when they eat them? Does that sound extreme? If so, that is indeed the point.

Why do most people say they love animals and they worship their dog/cat. However, they will crush those ribs, or pork barbecue? The answer is simple; they do not want to hear the truth. They do not wish to have an appetite for peace. Have patience and answer questions diligently, but with patience. Supporters will be won over one day at a time, lead by example and speak with with confidence and poise.  Before you know it, your carnivore friends will become more open minded just as I did. Be part of the movement. #AppetiteForPeace.