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Wendy’s Vegan Burger is Positively Trending Up!

Wendy’s catch phrase in the late 1980’s was “where’s the beef?” Now, consumers are responding with a better question: where are the plant-based options?

Wendy’s rolled out a vegan, black bean burger in 2015 at two locations in Ohio. The cruelty-free hamburger was then offered to select markets in Utah and South Carolina in early 2016. The black bean burger reportedly has been an absolute hit, according to social media data from TickerTags, a website that tracks social media engagement to identify opportunities for public stock growth.

TickerTags has found that conversations around the easily-made-vegan fast-food option to be extremely positive, actually it has been three times as positive than those about Wendy’s as a whole, reports Benzinga. The burger’s vegan black-bean patty, made with peppers, grains, corn, carrots, and a blend of spices. The plant-based burger is also prepared separately from the meat options, served on a vegan multigrain bun, and can be ordered without animal ingredients by omitting the pepper jack cheese and parmesan-ranch sauce.

This is a great start in what we hope to be an ongoing trend of major fast food chains going plant based. We expect to see this spread from select states to the whole nation as people voice their appetite for peace.