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Veganism was key element of UFC Fighter Pulling off Stunning Upset

In case you are not an avid UFC fighting fan, Nate Diaz shocked the heavily favored Conor McGregor in a recent Ultimate Fighting Championship bout.The twelve year vegan, Nate Diaz claimed a huge upset over the featherweight champion, Conor McGregor in UFC 196.

Diaz was merely an alternate for the fight and received word less than two weeks before the big showdown. McGregor’s original opponent had to bow out due to an injury. McGregor also previously had an unblemished record.

“I knew I was the superior boxer, the superior martial artist. If you ain’t taking me out, you’re going to get taken out,” Diaz said. McGregor would find this to be uncomfortably true in the second round as he was put in submission. Diaz attests that his vegan diet gives him his competitive advantage.

Diaz has been adhered to a plant only diet since he was old enough to vote. Being no stranger to discipline, Diaz also primarily eats a raw diet the last few years.  The irony is one of McGregor’s coaches, Ido Portal said in a recent report that vegans did not have the same conditioning and stamina that carnivore counterparts do. Portal continued on saying, “I can’t view vegan diets as something healthy. I’ve never met a vegan who was able to perform with the same energy levels as I see with someone with a more carnivore diet. I actually refuse to work with vegans.”


I wonder how ole’ Coach Portal felt about this statement when McGregor was down for the count? I hear there is a new opportunity available for someone with coaching experience, contact Conor McGregor for details.