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Vegan related searches led the way on Easter: 2016 = The Year of the Vegan

From our Family to yours we hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. Many people have said that 2016 would be the year of the Vegan. There was some very encouraging news coming from the omnipresent search engine, Google this weekend that validated this lofty claim.



According to According to The Guardian, the hunt was on for Vegan Easter eggs the last few days as consumers yearned for truly guilt free chocolate. A ridiculous one in every 50 searches the last few days was for vegan Easter Eggs.

“Search interest in ‘personalized’, ‘giant’, ‘dark chocolate’ and ‘vegan’ Easter eggs is at its highest level ever according to figures provided by Google Trends. The fastest growing of these queries is ‘vegan’, which has seen its search traffic more than double on last year’s Easter week. Although the obvious choice for those not consuming animal produce at this time of year is a dark egg, there are some other varieties available on the market including some white chocolate ones,”

So, if you have friends that still make fun of your for being vegan, or you are reading this considering being Vegan… this is just in: 2016 is definitely the Year of the Vegan.

If this information surprises you. It honestly was a pleasant surprise to us. so go have some fun on Google Trends. Veganism is not a cult set on conquering the world. Instead, it is group laser focused on the vision of a successful conquest of people having a peaceful appetite at the dinner table.

We hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend as much as we enjoyed this news. Now, we are off to the store to stock up on all of the discounted Vegan candy.

Enjoy the Year of The Vegan!