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Vegan Bodybuilder: Is that an Oxymoron? I dare you to ask the former Mr. Universe.

Barny du Plessis, a former Mr. Universe was recently in a feature for media outlet Daily Mail, based out of the United Kingdom. Du Plessis and his fiance Josie Keck are vegan bodybuilders. Barny shared his interesting and serendipitous tale of how he met his fiance, who also happens to be the UK’s “Strongest Woman.”

His fiance, Keck was not always the motivated person she is today. Du Plessis says that their unlikely love story started when Keck was out of shape, overweight, and just over life in general. The power couple has supported each other  ever since they met. They still aim to push big weight, and push the importance of leading a vegan lifestyle.


Du Plessis beamed, “we’re on a lifelong crusade to protect our planet and save the animals. I truly believe that the only way we can ever survive as a species on this planet is to adopt a gentler, healthier, less-selfish approach to our existence, and that means adopting a vegan lifestyle.”

Du Plessis refers to himself as a vegan warrior and gets fired up about the subject of how being vegan is sometimes perceived as not being masculine. This vocal “warrior” advocates as an ambassador for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Du Plessis tells others that meat is not a necessity for muscle. There are plenty of healthier options that do not require the slaughter of innocent lives. Check out the entire story at the link above. Du Plessis and Keck will walk down the aisle at the end of the month. Congratulate and thank Barny here.