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Veg Lovers Truly Are Saving The World

A recent publication declares that a decreasing carbon footprints is attainable through living a cruelty-free lifestyle. To celebrate Earth Month, USA TODAY College a partner network with national publication USA TODAY ran an online feature on April 15th listing 4 ways in which veganism can have a huge impact of the planet.

The piece was authored by University of Southern California student Morgan Buckley. Buckley states how decreasing meat consumption has a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, land use, water conservation, and waste prevention.

“It turns out that eating meat increases your carbon footprint more than driving your car,” Buckley says. The story also details how “animal waste contributes to what is called eutrophication, which is when nitrogen and other toxic chemicals are released into soil.” In addition to the environmental impacts of meat consumption, a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatryreveals that carnivores are twice as likely to have rage disorder. We advise every to calm the heck down and go veg.