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Upcoming Veg Events in the United States

Wow! We cannot believe it is already August. The bad news is a lot of the major Veg events have already passed in 2016. The good news is that there are still a lot of signature events remaining. Here are a few of our favorites, we will be doing our best to attend most of them. Be sure to check out these events and look for Appetite For Peace and our Angry Bunny apparel.

We want to be your source for Veg events, so we will keep our event calendar current with the latest in vegan, vegetarian, and animal welfare based conferences. If we missed one, or if you want to have us post your event please email us the event details to

Compassion-Fashion-Show-Manhattan-2017-Appetite-For-Peace Columbus-Veg-Fest-2017-Appetite-For-Peace PAWS-Event-San-Andreas-CA-Appetite-For-Peace SoCal-Veg-Fest-Appetite-For-Peace Boston-Veg-Food-Fest-Appetite-For-Peace DC-Veg-Fest-Appetite-For-PeaceThe-Veggie-Taste-Event-Atlanta-Appetite-for-Peace Cowspiracy-Conference-Appetite-For-Peace  South-Florida-Vegan-Fest-Appetite-For-Peace Sonoma-County-Veg-Fest-Appetite-For-Peace Vegan-Soulfest-Appetite-For-Peace New-Jersey-Veg-FestVegFest-West-New-York-Appetite-For-Peace Portland-Veg-Fest-Appetite-For-Peace Texas-Veggie-Fair-Dallas-2016-Appetite-For-Peace North-Carolina-Triangle-Veg-Fest-Appetite-For-Peace South-Florida-Veg-Fest-Appetite-For-Peace Tampa-Bay-Veg-Fest-Appetite-For-Peace Atlanta-Veg-Fest-Appetite-For-Peace