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Thousands Line up Awaiting UK Town’s 1st Veg Fest!

Many were surprised to learn the interest from the first VegFest ever held in the U.K. city of of Dorset. Many… as in those that are vegetarian/vegan…. More than 1,200 people showed up for the event, and the length of the lines was only exceeded by the excitement of those in attendance.

A vegan festival in the United Kingdom drew massive crowds over the weekend. The event nearly doubled anticipated attendance. The VegFest was held at the Lyndhurst Community Centre in New Forest, England. The inaugural event  featured 40 exhibitors selling all kinds of items ranging from vegan food to cruelty-free clothing. When 1200-2000 people arrived for the the event, the team was nearly overwhelmed.

Event organizer Lizzi Shaw Dorset Vegan stated that“around 50 people were queuing up when we first opened the doors, and it was almost constant from then. I spoke to people who had traveled more than an hour and a half to come along. It had an absolutely huge response … It just goes to show that the interest is really there for more [vegan options].”

The VegFest event line was so long that a one-in, one-out policy had to implemented. Stories like this are a great reminder of the rise in demand for cruelty-free, and plant based options. This is another victory for #TeamVeg.