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The Latest Reason Why Leonardo DiCaprio is Real Life Hero

What is not to love about Leonardo DiCaprio? He has proven to be a true champion of animal welfare and environmental sustainability movements over the years. Leo has donated millions of dollars to environmental protection organizations, ocean conservation groups, and organizations who help defend endangered elephants. He has made even roused crowds with his passionate speeches at the U.N. about climate change…. oh, and he also saves tigers in his free time. He is a real life super hero to animals.

DiCaprio has done a titanic job of using his fame to raise awareness for countless environmental causes and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation actively provides grants to make countless animal and environmental conservation initiatives possible. In the past year, the foundation has donated $650,000 to fund clean energy solutions and secured funds to protect forests from further palm oil expansion. Recently, the foundation has broken a new record.

According to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s website, the organization has announced it “largest-ever portfolio of environmental grants, increasing the organization’s total direct financial giving to over $59 million since 1998.” Of this massive sum of money, $”15.6 million in grants have been awarded for wildlife and habitat conservation, to aide in the defense of indigenous rights, and to support innovative grass roots efforts aimed at combating climate change and solving complex environmental issues.”

With the support of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, environmental groups like Our Children’s Trust, the Wildlife Conservation Network, and Utah Dine Bikeyah can effectively carry out their work to protect and defend vital ecosystems, people, and species against rampant environmental destruction.

There are so many incredible organizations and individuals working to improve the planet and we are elated to know that an influential benefactor like Leo DiCaprio is working to bring awareness to these groups and the animals that benefit from them. Knowing Leo, these grants should have a tremendous positive change. We are very grateful for all of his efforts and the groups working to improve our world.