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The Animal Side of A Mink Coat (Video)

Foxes, rabbits, and minks like the one above all live miserable lives in fur farms. Animals such as theses spend their entire life trapped in tiny wire cages, only to be skinned alive for their fur, which is sold to the highest retail bidder.

So many people have become numb to fur in fashion due to celebrities, pop-culture, and music. We have to be adamantly opposed to the fur industry because it has unfortunately become such a normalized part of society.  The video above shows the other side of the fur industry – the living, adorable animal side.

This cute little guy was rescued from a fur farm just before this video was filmed. In fact, this is the first time he experienced a body of water. Now, he cam live a happy carefree life and not fear humans.  Fun fact that you may not be aware of: minks love to swim. If everyone saw how cute minks are perhaps they would think twice about their fashion choices.