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Surfer Rescues Scared Baby Seal Tangled in Fishing Net (Video)

Our ridiculous obsession for meat as a culture has led to an estimated collapse in fish populations in as little as nine years. In case that is not frightening enough, our fishing habits also have horrific unintentional consequences: the death of turtles, dolphins, sharks, and countless other ocean dwellers like the seal in this video. In fact, it is estimated that bycatch makes up around 40 percent of commercial fish catches.

A good Samaritan surfer found this this terrified baby seal hiding in the bushes of Manyana Beach in New South Wales, Australia. Lucky for him, this fantastic human being set him free from the net that had tangled itself around his neck.

This seal is one of one of the lucky ones. Bycatch and skeleton nets left by fisherman are responsible for an insane amount of unnecessary death and trapping of marine wildlife. If you really want to make a difference you can do it at the dinner plate and in your spending habits.