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Slaughter of Male Chicks to End by 2020

In a historic move, United Egg Producers (UEP)—the representative body for egg industry companies has officially agreed to eliminate the shredding of newly hatched male chickens by 2020.

After negotiations with animal-rights organization The Humane League (THL), UAP agreed to rely on in-ovo egg sexing technology. This will determine the sex of chicks before birth instead of what is now the horrific standard practice of grinding newborn male chicks alive. This gruesome act takes place because the males are useless to the egg industry as they do not serve a purpose in the egg-laying profits.

UEP President and CEO Chad Gregory revealed that the union will implement the new practice “as soon as it is commercially available and economically feasible” industry-wide. “We are proud to have played such a pivotal role in doing away with this barbaric convention and to help pave the way to a more humane future,” THL’s Executive Director David Coman-Hidy said. “It is clear that chick culling will soon be a thing of the past in the United States.”