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Senators Celebrate Vote by Drinking Raw Milk…Then Group Falls Ill.

In a story that seems like a political punchline as we approach election time, several senators got very sick after consuming raw milk. In another conceivable punchline, this occurred as a political celebration in West Virginia.

A bill was passed earlier that day that allowed for the consumption of raw, unpasteurized milk. A group of senators toasted with a glass of raw, baby cow juice and became very ill. The milk was brought to the Capitol by Senator Robert Karnes, who then shared it fellow delegates after the victory.


One of these delegates was Pat McGeehan. McGeehan later appeared on a Charleston news outlet to speak about his sickness. Bias aside, why would people demand to drink raw milk to the extent that it would go to a vote by state senate?

The Charleston Health Department would go on to publicly state, “raw milk can contain dangerous bacteria and parasites.” Even many non-vegans prefer coconut milk, rice milk, or soy milk. This is confirmed, as sales of dairy alternatives have spiked at a rate that even exceeds the growth of vegans.No-Drinking-Milk-Appetite-For-PeaceWhile the Appetite for Peace staff does not condone making your political opponents drink raw milk, it certainly makes for some interesting punch lines though.