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Sea World Crowds Dwindling after #EmptyTheTanks movement.

The reality is that money dictates the success of businesses, and it is the ultimate driver for our society. The expression is that is it doesn’t make dollars than it doesn’t make sense.  Public outcry can impact event the largest of companies.

This photo of an empty stadium at Sea World perfectly illustrates that reality.


Sadly many people have only seen orcas in a tank, as they were taken from their natural habitat. Again, the dollar rules the entertainment industry. However, as you can see from the picture above people have been enlightened by animal advocacy groups and by movies such as BlackFish. A big aquarium is no place for an orca as we reported recently.

Orcas have complex social relationships with their family and are highly intelligent. In the wild, these whales live in tightly knit pods, comprised of their family members from several generations. It is not uncommon for an orca to spend its entire life with its family in the wild.


Taking this into consideration, you can imagine the mental toll it takes on these beautiful creatures when they are forced to spend their life in captivity and isolation. Throughout their sad existence in captivity, orcas display zoochotic (psychotic) behaviors, similar to symptoms of prison neurosis. Some stereotypical behaviors include swimming in circles repetitively, establishing pecking orders, and lying motionless at the surface or on the aquarium floor for relatively long periods of time.


Public outcry has made a huge impact already, but the orcas are just the start. Sea World has taken measures to end captive orca breeding. However there is still a way to go at SeaWorld and beyond! Together we need to refuse to contribute to this injustice and speak out this inhumane treatment, companies will have have to respond by taking action.

Here is how you can help!

  • If you want to see orcas, go visit them in the wild as this author did last year.
  • Educate yourself. Learn the political and economic ramifications; a good place to start is by reading “Death at SeaWorld,” David Kirby’s book will disturb, but thoroughly inform you to the industry.
  • Share this post. Spread the word!