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Rapper and Social Media Phenom DJ Khaled Trending Vegan

“Another one.” This is one of DJ Khaled’s catch phrases and what he said at the end of his recent “fad diet.” In case you do not know who DJ Khaled is… just ask your kids, or nephews. Khaled is a hip-hop producer, rapper and social media mogul. He initially started the latest diet craze by eating all plant-based for 22 days.

The 22 day vegan challenge is a thing for those of us that just consider that three weeks cruelty-free. Khaled is one of the latest celebrities (Jay-Z, Beyonce, etc) to adhere to the popular vegan 22 Days Nutrition plan. The famous record producer is making waves for veg lovers with this huge news though, because he is literally the most followed person on social media.

DJ Khaled recently wrapped up the last day of his highly-publicized 22-day vegan challenge but unlike many, he is sticking to a plant-based lifestyle. Khaled states that he lost nine pounds in the first seven days. Khaled regularly updates his 6 million Snapchat fans, and 3 million Instagram followers with several daily videos detailing his meals and workouts, usually accompanied with the hashtag #veganalert. Again, if you don’t know what Snapchat use a life line.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals quoted Khaled as stating, “safe to say I’m doing more than 22 days,” . While many may mainstream music purists may not know his songs, it is clear that Khaled’s astronomical reach will reap huge rewards in enlightening many new veg lovers. This concludes the latest #veganalert. Thank you DJ Khaled!