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Quorn Makes Spicy Announcement to Go Vegan Too!

Do you remember the lonely days of yesteryear, when seeking out vegan products was like trying to find the holy grail? After years of consideration vegetarian food giant, Quorn has made major waves by announcing two new Vegan products.

Quorn will lead off with “Hot & Spicy Burgers and “Meat-Free Pieces.” This is the best news for Veg lovers as Quorn has built a solid following and reputation. People are waking up to the old myths that Veg friendly food tastes like {insert negative adjective}. People understand that they can now eat guilt free, eat healthier, and still have great flavor.


These are the first of what sounds to be a long list of vegan options from Quorn. The demand to eat clean and green is on the rise, this author thinks that Quorn’s stock prices will follow that same pattern.