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Pups Saved From Being Eaten in South Korean Dog Meat Farm.

In the United States we view animals as:

A) Furry family members like cats and dogs. They are lovable, loyal and absolutely one of the best parts of our day; or

B) others like pigscows, or chickens. These animals are just as cute, but unfortunately are viewed as commodities or worse… dinner.

However, when these two worlds intertwine it is taboo to 90% of the world. Well, that is exactly what still occurs in South Korea, which happens to be the only country in the world known to openly commercially farm dogs for meat in what is a $200 million dollar industry.


We are very grateful that through the efforts of the Humane Society International (HSI) and the Animal Welfare Association (AWA) shelter, three dogs were recently spared their certain doom in a South Korea dog meat farm.

Hugh, Irving, and Kermit are now adjusting to their new lives at AWA’s shelter in Voorhees. For the first time ever they have true freedom.


HSI’s Animal Rescue Team worked with a farm in South Korea to basically barter for the dogs lives. Aside from the dogs being saved, the other silver lining is that the dog farmers were taught how to grow and cultivate their own fruits and vegetables.

These animals unfortunately have not known love or trust, so they are adopting to their new lifestyle that includes care and companionship.


While many other eastern countries are known to still eat meat in the shadows. Somehow it is still legal to eat dogs in South Korea.  Every dog saved is definitely a moral victory. Help us share this story to put an end to people eating “man’s best friend”.