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President Obama working on Legislature to Limit Animal Testing

How is testing on animals acceptable still? Most states have eliminated “inhumane ways” of killing convicted murderers on death row. Somehow, it is still acceptable for innocent animals to be used as the expression goes… as “guinea pigs or lab rats.” [Rolls eyes].  We hope this is just the start of what will be the end of testing on animals.

The good news is some progress may be under way, a new piece of legislation is on its way toward providing unprecedented protections for animals. A provision to the Toxic Substances Control Act—which would reduce the use of animals in laboratory experiments to test the safety of chemical-laden products—has been passed by the House of Representatives and is up for review by President Obama.

A provision to a 40-year-old act will restrict animal testing and force big business to develop new alternatives. While this does not cease animal testing the way we would like, it would be a landmark step in the right direction.

The provision, was drafted by vegan Senator Cory Booker, who we featured a few weeks ago. Booker would also urge the Environmental Protection Agency to develop and utilize non-animal alternatives whenever possible. “This is the first signal from Congress that it is a priority to move away from animal testing,” Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, said.