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Presenting the Appetite For Peace – “Angry Bunny” Award Winners

Although the Appetite for Peace Team has been Veg for some time now, our site is merely a few months old… just a baby. Truth be told, we have not even had the opportunity to build out our site to anything near what it will resemble in a few short months. So, stay tuned… = )

We have received so many fantastic vegan, vegetarian, environmental, and animal advocacy ideas from dozens of other websites, blogs, and online resources. So, today we thought we would showcase our favorites. The ones that have inspired us to live a cruelty free lifestyle, and to offer our site as a tool to inspire others.

We looked for well rounded sights that offered more than just recipes, or just news. Here are our favorites, and winners of the “Angry Bunny” Award in no particular order.



1.Veg News

Veg news is our favorite site here at Appetite For Peace. It covers the latest and greatest trending news in the World of plant-based eating. The site offers recipes, as well as lifestyle tips and insight. Last but certainly not least, Veg News puts the animals first and thinks about what is best for them in each article.


2.Eat Drink Better provides much more than just recipes. The site offers insight on where to eat when on the go, guidance on how to grow your own food, and more information on why you should eat (and drink) vegan.


3.Happy Cow

Another staff favorite is, how cool is that name by the way. We literally would have taken that domain name in a second. = ) Happy Cow offers a huge community for recipes throughout the world. The site also offers great resources for vegans and vegetarians on how and why to eat Veg. Happy Cow also features a great blog, animal-rights information, and a retail element with an online store.


4.Vegan Street offers an eclectic mix of options for vegans. They have a fantastic assortment of tips ranging from home decor, to vegan living, recipes, to one of the most interesting blogs we have found. Vegan Street is infused with a fantastic sense of humor, endless resources, as well as must have products. Definitely check them out.


5.Your Daily Vegan

Your Daily Vegan captures the “daily vegan spin.” This site offers food features, book and movie reviews, and a complete sanctuary database and even recommended tools so that you can create your own vegan blog. Check out their spin today.


6.Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary prides themselves in 30 years of rescue, education and advocacy. The mission for the team at Farm Sanctuary is “to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and to promote compassionate vegan living.” This is a message we really stand for too. Please give Farm Sanctuary’s site a look.


7.Viva La Vegan

Viva La Vegan offers far more than just recipes. Viva provides lots of resources, demos, podcasts, reviews, and videos. This site offers a great selection of tutorials and “cliff notes” style learning tools on everything on why to be veg, to top vegan athlete interviews. Great reading indeed; checks it out.


8.Kris Carr

Kris Carr is all about the mind, body and soul. She offers free meal plans, free downloads, and recipes galore. Kris seems as genuine as they come and is just as lovely on the inside as she is on the surface. We have read two of Kris’ books and we highly recommend you do the same.


9.Cruelty Free Kitty is the one stop resource shop for all things related to cruelty free products. We’re talking much more than just cosmetics here. Cruelty free kitty list all cruelty free brands and evaluates the best products each year. The site also lets you know where you can shop for cruelty free products in your area. Any site incorporating cats in their brand gets two paws up from us. Meow!!!


10.Choose Veg

Choose veg has the cleanest interface out of any website we visited. It has great stories of real animals that have been rescued, a hearty sense of humor in its blogs, relevant and frequent updates, and an endless library of heartwarming videos. is considered the expert on the subject of being vegan as they are the group responsible for providing the stamp of approval to businesses wishing to become “Certified Vegan.” This website also helps to inform individuals as to what veganism is and how they can transition to a cruelty free life. The site also has a fantastic blog with in-depth reviews.


12.Veggie Boards

This site is the forum of all forums for veggie lovers. It has a highly engaged community and even offers great advice of how to communicate with your carnivorous friends.  Recipes, product reviews, and galleries galore; this site is fresh, fun and is highly interactive.


13.American Vegan

For what American Vegan lacks in appearance it more than makes up for in content. We were very impressed with their event calendar for Veg Events throughout the U.S. It was quite comprehensive, we had no idea that some of these festivals were taking place. We will now be attending several of these. Thanks American Vegan!


14.Veg Web

Veg web is the #1 place we found for Veg recipes, literally. We have spent months reviewing other sites and this is the place to be for unique Veg concoctions. Our one critique is the community section has been overrun with ads and spam. It has so much potential. This site is also incredibly clean and easy to navigate though. If you want Veg recipes, look no further.


15.A Couple Cooks

This web blog is devoted to healthy eating of whole foods and comes with fantastic recipe creations from this husband/wife combo. For some inspiration in the kitchen give A Couple Cooks (Sonja and Alex) a shot.


16.Balanced Babe

Sarah is an international model and is even more beautiful on the inside based on what we have seen from Balanced Babe’s website. Sarah may be from the west, but she presents some eastern mindsets and resources to help bring you towards your center. Check out Balanced Babe for health, wellness, and holistic information. You will be glad you did.


17.Vegetarian Society

The vegetarian society is the largest online community for vegetarians (lots of vegans there too). Events, information on why you should explore herbivore, and deep roots for the group going all the way back to the 19th century make this site a must click.


18.Animal People Forum

Animal People Forum aims to be a bridge between humans and animals and to be a voice for our furry and finned friends. They assert there mission to be “a global forum in which people who care about animals can speak and be heard! We’re here to foster the open exchange of knowledge, ideas, and tactics relevant to animal rights, which we define simply as the belief that animals’ lives and experiences matter.”  We are huge fans of this site.


19.Friends of Animals

Friends of Animals is a non-profit, international animal advocacy organization. Friends of Animals works to cultivate a respectful view of nonhuman animals, free-living and domestic. Our goal is to free animals from cruelty and institutionalized exploitation around the world. The site offers news, photos, an online store and ways that you can get involved to take action.


20.Post Punk Kitchen
Last but certainly not least, Post Punk is eclectic, vibrant and informative. The site is much more than just recipes (the dessert recommendations here are delicious though) as there is an unbelievable blog, and plenty of other resources ranging from videos to one of the most engaged forums we found anywhere.  We personally got a lot of ideas from Post Punk.