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Popular Science Magazine: “Cows To Become Obsolete in Future.”

Cutting edge science publication Popular Science paints a compelling picture of technologies that will ultimately end the slaughter of cows for meat, milk, leather, and insulin. This will effectively put an end to all of the bull $h!t being pushed in mainstream media by big business.

A recent feature in Popular Science details breaking technologies in development to completely eliminate human slaughter of, and reliance on cows. The publication explains options ranging from lab-grown burgers from New Harvest, to plant-based meatball company  Memphis Meats. These companies are at the forefront of eliminating the consumption of beef. Modern Meadow hopes to completely phase out the use of leather. While milk is currently being replicated, with the help of 3D printing by bioengineering company Muufri.


Even lesser known cow-derived products like collagen and cartilage are being engineered in laboratories and with better results. In addition, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, researchers are developing a synthetic versions of cow insulin, which is often utilized by diabetics. The new alternative will activates only when blood sugar surges and it will not lead to allergic reactions. While these companies rely on bovine cells to develop their products, many plan to transition to fully plant-based versions in the future to effectively eliminate the need to rely on cows all together. We hope that the mainstream population will get behind this, until then you have our full support.