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Plant Based Technology Is The Future.

Suzy Welch a Business journalist recently wrote what we expect to be a prophetic feature for professional resource LinkedIn. Welch predicts that plant-based food technology will have a huge impact on the world economy in the near future.

Welch advised that the next president of the United States should focus on plant-based food technology. The feature article explained how foods derived from non-animal sources are “the next big thing for the world economy, and should command the attention of any president—and frankly any business professional—today.”

According to some analysts, Welch wrote, the animal-free protein industry is growing exponentially, with a 33-percent market share (up from the current one percent) predicted by 2054. Welch cites unreasonable consumer demand, unsustainability, environmental necessity, and the lack of efficiency in the factory-farm business model as the driving factors behind the tremendous growth of the plant-based industry.

Welch does recognize that the big agriculture juggernauts will push against presidential support of the plant-based industry, Welch urges the future president to take a stand by saying, “If you’re hungry for a massive new economic win and all the good it brings, a brave new industry is hungry for your attention.”

We could not agree more with Suzy Welch. The writing is on the wall and all signs point to a major change in mass-consumer thinking in the future, based on what many of us see now.