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NFL Players Fail Drug Test from Simply Eating Meat

The National Football League (NFL) warned players again this week that they are responsible for what is put in their bodies. The NFL also stated that consuming meat from Mexico or China has resulted in violations of the NFL’s drug policy.

A drug-testing program administrator for the National Football League recently made an official warning that players could fail drug tests simply by eating meat from China or Mexico. Meat from these countries has been found to contain clenbuterol, which is a powerful weight-loss and muscle-building steroid that is illegal and banned by the league.

Duane Brown of the Houston Texans was recently pardoned from a 10-game suspension after previously testing positive for clenbuterol. Brown learned he shouls have gone vegan, at least on vacation. He was blamed the failed drug test on beef he ate while vacationing in Mexico. Mexican farmers are forbidden from using clenbuterol as a growth agent, however this is not the first or last time this will occur. Ranchers in Mexico find clenbuterol to be a miracle drug of sorts, as it beefs up the cows before being slaughtered, some ranchers refer to the drug as “miracle salts or cattle cocaine.” The beef is pink and largely free of layers of fat, winning over unwitting consumers.


Five years ago, members of the Mexican national team along with most of their under -17 (U-17) World Cup team also tested positive for the contaminant. The NFL advised players that consuming meat in these countries could trigger a positive drug test and that, “players are responsible for what is in their bodies.” This article should prove that we will never know exactly what is in the meat being fed to us. Since the repeal of mandatory country of origin of meat labeling, Americans now have no way of knowing exactly where their meat came from. Much of the meat Americans are eating now, could very well be from Mexico and China. Help us share this story and share the benefits of having an #AppetiteForPeace.