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New York City Police Go Smart by going Vegan.

The streets of New York seem to be the go-to City for many police films and shows. The NY Police Department has also gotten smarter by going vegan too. The famous police department will be introducing For Two, electric police cars with an all vegan interior.

According to Car and Driver Magazine, the Big Apple’s police force will replace 110 older GO-4 (standard issue) police cars with the electric Smart cars. The smartest thing about the cars is that they will come with an all-vegan interior. The Smart cars are sure to draw some jokes from residents, but if you have ever been in a NYC traffic jam, maneuverability is just as important as speed.


This is one of many recent moves made by car manufacturers responding to consumer demand for vegan friendly interiors. This author’s favorite brand, Tesla also went vegan with the new release of the Model X.

We are very excited to see that NYC police are getting Smart and car companies are listening to the demand of vegan car interiors.