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New Gardein Pepperoni Pizza Pockets! Must. Find. Now.

If you love Gardein products the way we do. Then you will be pumped to hear that Gardein has announced Meatless Pepperoni Pizza Pockets!


Get in My Belly!

Gardein adds to its fantastic Veg friendly lineup. This is great news for vegan pizza connoisseurs, but mostly for those vegans that are really vegetarians eating cheese when no one is looking. = ) This bad boy will accommodate all of the above with marinara sauce, meatless pepperoni, and and vegan mozzarella.

Gardein President, Yves Potvin simply states that, “we wanted to satisfy our consumers’ needs for a delicious, convenient pizza pocket while making it better for them and the planet.” Appetite for Peace staff salutes you Yves… as we wipe marinara from our face. Great job Gardein!

Image source: Gardein/Facebook