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Neigh! Sex with Horses on the Rise in Switzerland. Unfreakinbelievable.


Neigh! This is for real people: sex abuse cases with horses are on the rise in Switzerland.”Experts reportedly believe up to 10,000 people in the country are predisposed to zoophilia.” This is not a sensationalised story. Unfortunatley, this is a real study.

Animal abuse in Switzerland has absurdly risen to record levels, amid growing fears over an increase in sex attacks on horses. Switzerland’s foundation for animal law, Tier im Recht, revealed the number of general maltreatment cases last year was 1,709 – up from 1,542 the year prior.

Andreas Rüttimann, a legal expert with the organisation, said there were particular concerns about cases involving horses.“This rate is relatively elevated compared with other types of animals,” he said. Does this quote not seem disturbingly passive to anyone else?

“A total of 105 cases of animal cruelty to horses were registered last year, up considerably from previous years but probably below the actual number of incidents.”Switzerland’s 20 Minuten newspaper reported that experts believe there are up to 10,000 people in Switzerland “predisposed” to zoophilia.

As if f*cking eating animals is not bad enough, people are actually f*cking them more too. Forgive the language, this is just disgusting on a whole new level. Please help us share this story to bring light to these horrendous offenses against animals.