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Nearly 150,000 Petition for Darden to Offer More Cruelty Free Options

The Good Food Now Campaign hand-delivered a call to action challenge to mega-restaurant chain, Darden. The Good Food Now Campaign petition urges the restaurant chain to be more responsible, and provide better menu options.

A group of activist organizations recently formed the Good Food Now campaign with the mission to demand that, amongst other initiatives, Olive Garden offer customers a cruelty-free, plant-based entrée. You read that right, Olive Garden does not have a single plant-based option.

The campaign has gained nearly 150,000 supporters who signed a petition asking parent restaurant group Darden Restaurants, Inc. to reduce meat and dairy offerings by 20 percent, only use meat from verifiable organizations and places with high welfare standards, and provide more local and organic options.


Kari Hamerschlag, director of one of the participating organizations, told Washington, DC news outlet The Hill that “while Olive Garden has committed to a timeline for phasing out battery cages and gestation crates in its supply chain, sourcing its meat from factory farms remains irresponsible.”

Hamersclag continued, saying “to stay competitive, Olive Garden must give food-conscious families what they want: healthier, local, and organic options—including more plant-based entrées and more humane meat raised without routine antibiotics,” The petition was hand-delivered on Thursday to Olive Garden restaurants in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, DC. We just wish it made its way to Atlanta too. We will gladly help you with that Kari & Company.