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My First Cruise as a Non-Meat Eater

This author is an admitted travel junkie. In fact, it was the desire to learn about other cultures and understand their lifestyle that was a primary reason why this author switched to Team Veg. Cruise lines pride themselves in offering something for everyone, so this author sought to evaluate this from the perspective of a vegetarian.


The author found that bread and salad are always there for the incredibly disciplined vegans. So, it is always possible. However, the vegetarian options that are always in the “Indian” food area are vegetarian at best. It is easy to turn a blind eye or plead ignorance, but nearly everything on the cruise ship is laced with butter or cheese. It is crazy how obsessed people are with butter and cheese!

So, what do you do when you are sick of salad and cannot eat the Indian options that are in place for a heavily vegetarian culture? The answer is pasta, lots of pasta. Immediately, bolognese and alfredo options are off the menu. However, plain pasta sauce and pesto options came through in the clutch for this author all week. The friendly staff at Royal Caribbean even made a cheese free pizza option for this veg loving traveler.

Being a Vegan or Vegetarian should never be an excuse to not travel. On the contrary, the more you see and learn about others, the more you will appreciate a meat-free lifestyle. The options may be more limited but creativity and discipline will allow veg lovers to enjoy their vacation experience on the cruise ships.

Our next goal needs to be to unite in our complete disgust of the Brazilian “steak house” options which seem to be on every major cruise line. ┬áThe optimist in us thinks that we can show our strength in numbers for a peaceful appetite and pledge to tell others to send their business elsewhere. We shall continue this discussion in a future post, but for now; back to my peaceful cruise. Bon Voyage!