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Miley Cyrus Adopts Cute “Lab” Beagle to Raise Awareness About Animal Testing

The world of animal testing is full of cruelty and suffering for innocent animals. Many people are under the incorrect assumption that only rabbits and mice are used for the majority of animal testing. However, you may be shocked and disgusted to learn that beagles are frequently used as well. In laboratories and testing facilities, these dogs never get the chance to lead the typical life a dog would. Instead of a warm bed and a loving family, lab beagles are subjected to cold, concrete cells and the prodding hands of researchers.

Beagles are often utilized by the pharmaceutical industry to test the toxicity of different chemicals and compounds. If that is not bad enough, some facilities even remove dogs voiceboxes to keep them from making too much noise. As if there captivity and suffering are not bad enough when dogs are done with their testing, they are usually put down. According to the American Anti-Vivisection Society,  approximately 75,000 dogs are used for research in the United States every year, most of these dogs are beagles. This is gut-wrenching news and hard to swallow as an animal lover, the bright side is that there are many organizations working to put an end to animal testing and give these beagles a chance at a normal life full of love.

The Beagle Freedom Project is an example of organization that works to arrange for the release of beagles, and other animals, once their tests are over. This is fantastic but we need to put an end to the testing in the first place!!! Let us digress, once these animals are free, they help rehabilitate them and find them a forever home full of love.  Most recently, they helped find a new home for one lucky beagle with none other than Miley Cyrus!

Mile Cyrus is a huge animal lover, and an Appetite For Peace favorite. She has become a vocal advocate for animals of all species, coming at animal oppressors like a wrecking ball of enlightenment. She has her own whole squad of animals, recently announced that she went vegan after realizing how the intelligence of a pufferfish, for example. She has also been a vocal on the absurdity of big game hunting. Miley has continued to display her noble love for animals by choosing to adopt not just any rescued dog, but a former  test beagle.

Cyrus announced her new adoption on Facebook,writing, “Happy to introduce the newest member of my family Barbie Beagle Freedom Project #stopanimaltesting #donttestonbeagles 


It looks like Barbie is really starting to get comfortable in her new home. 

Miley-Cyrus-Adopts-Lab-Beagle-2-Appetite-For-PeaceMiley and Barbie celebrated the 4th of July together as it was a perfect chance to also celebrate Barbie’s independence.

Not only has Barbie gotten a new loving home, but she’s also become an awesome advocate for other beagles and lab animals thanks to her famous mom! We applaud Miley for choosing to adopt a former test beagle and promoting awareness for the suffering of animals in labs and research facilities. Together we can help make a better future for all animals, where unnecessary testing no longer exists.