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Mega-Veg-Merger: Gardein and Daiya to become Gardaiya

There is a demand for plant based products, in fact demand is an understatement; we are talking about a complete frenzy for those seeking meat and dairy alternatives. There is no better indicator of this then the merger of two of the biggest Veg providers.

Do you like the sound of Black Bean Burgers with Cheddar style slices? Cheesy Mac with Beefless Strips? These are some of the newly announced products coming with the Mega-Veg merger to Gardaiya. The Batman and Superman of vegan brands teamed up as mega-brands Gardein and Daiya announced news to merge the two corporations.


The deal makes sense in many ways due recent product collaborations, and a close proximity being just a few miles away. Andre Kroecher, Daiya’s co-founder states: “Gardein and Daiya have consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the field of quality, nutritious plant-based foods. Compounding our efforts to introduce the tastiest, most healthful food free of meat, dairy, and eggs to consumers who are increasingly turning away from such ingredients will only help to disrupt this nation’s broken food system.”


Yves Potvin Gardein’s founder let on that the deal has been in the works for over a year.  Potvin dishes on the need to push the envelope on food choices stating, “creamy Greek-style Daiya yogurt topped with hot, Mediterranean-seasoned Gardein beefy crumbles is going to change how plant-based eaters think about protein. We looked at Daiya’s luscious, tangy key-lime cheesecake and thought, we have got to get chunks of our Crabless Cakes swirled into that. Finishing it off with a strawberry-tartar sauce drizzle let us know we were on to something truly special.”

We love this partnership between Gardein and Daiya and we look forward to seeing the new Gardaiya products in stores soon.