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Many of the Greatest Minds Ever Lived Were Vegan. Maybe We Should All Listen.

It is a sad day and time when Vegans have to defend themselves as to why they do not eat meat. Vegans often get a bad name for forcing their opinions on others, when it seems it is quite the opposite. This author was watching the NFL Playoffs this weekend and could not help but realize that one in every three commercials was for food of the greasy, cheesy, meat type.

The very next night this author was in a public social setting with 10 or 15 others and scanned the menu for vegan options. Guess what? There was not even a hummus option nor a veggie burger. The author was relegated to eating massive quantities of bread. The others in the group found this to be pretty funny, and the author played along. However, the social pariah phenomenon struck again. Why does this keep happening to vegetarians and vegans?

We have all been there. Sometimes doubt creeps in and introspectively one wonders is it all worth this? That spicy chicken wrap the waiter carried by smelled amazing. Then, instantly we are reminded how that wrap sounds from the chicken’s perspective. Even as the healthiest person in the group, the author was questioned and mocked in jest. Would the group have treated Einstein or DaVinci that way?



Oh, in case you did not know many of the greatest minds of all time were vegans, or at least vegetarians. Several hit movies have been made about cracking Davinci’s code, but nobody yearns for the reality that DaVinci would not have condoned that meat lover’s pizza during the playoff game. So what was it that DaVinci, Einstein, Gandhi, Plato, and Tesla all shared? Did they have some special insight?


Greatest-Minds-Vegans-Appetite-For Peace


The truth is these enlightened individuals simply shared a peaceful nature; they valued every life. These individuals did not see the speciesism that most are blinded by today. Why is a man’s life more valuable than cow, chicken, or turkey’s life? Maybe everyone should at least be open-minded to options, not just for the chicken. We all share the same world. Let’s have an appetite for peace.