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Makers of SPAM, Hormel Being Sued For Using “Natural” In Product Description

Animal-rights organization Animal Legal Defense Fund(ALDF) recently filed a lawsuit against Hormel Foods Corporation for its use of the word “natural.” The phrase natural is used to define their Hormel Natural Choice products, which includes lunchmeats and bacon.

The lawsuit is aimed at the misleading picture that Hormel has painted through their product labels. By using the word “natural” in its labeling, ALDF staff attorney Kelsey Eberly said, Hormel is “painting this picture of a family farm where animals go to pasture and aren’t given antibiotic drugs.” Hormel this lawsuit by responding that the Federal Drug Association and the United States Department of Agriculture has previously approved the language in the advertising. Well shouldn’t we all be reassured since big business has never been known to be in the pockets of these organizations.

Since the phrase“natural” is not officially defined by either agency, ALDF claimed Hormel’s use of the term is falsely informing Hormel customers. Similarly, animal-advocacy group Mercy For Animals (MFA) recently filed a suit against Foster Farms, in conjunction with the American Humane Society, for allegedly misleading customers by labeling its chicken “humane” after MFA’s undercover footage found hellish conditions at a factory farm of the company’s supplier.