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Los Angeles Times: End Bullfighting Now!

A recent feature by the editorial board at the Los Angeles Times deems that the time is now to end bullfighting. The article was prompted by the recent deaths of Spanish bullfighters. Lorenzo the bull killed killed matador Victor Barrio last week. In other idiotic news…soon after, the bull’s mother was killed in an attempt to “stop the ‘bad lineage’” (according to the Times). This author’s parents had some flaws of their own, does that mean that I should be killed or caged too?

At Appetite For Peace, we also mourn the death of Victor and all matadors for that matter. However, we have to boldly state this tradition must end! It is a wonder that more people are not killed by bulls each year, as they are tortured and bred to…well…want to attack people that torture them.

The Los Angeles Times acknowledged that the human deaths were tragic, the paper also pointed out that “it shouldn’t require such grisly deaths for people to realize that bullfighting is a brutal and anachronistic sport—dangerous for the people who participate and grossly inhumane to bulls.”

The feature cited the 250,000 bulls that Humane Society International estimates are killed each year in bull fights. Bullfighting would be a thing of the past if the bulls “won” more often. Sadly, this is viewed as a cultural sacrifice, a twisted sport of sorts. “This is no cultural legacy for Spain or Mexico or any other country to pride itself on,” calling for “an end to these horrific rituals,” the Los Angeles Times said. Thank you to the LA Times for bringing this gruesome tradition to light; bullfighting must end now!