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Lisa Simpson to Go Vegan?

The Simpsons has been called the Best TV Show of the 20th Century. Are we soon going to call  Lisa Simpson a vegan? The precocious eight year old with a huge heart has been a vegetarian for the last 21 years of the Worlds Most Popular animated series.

Appetite for Peace thinks that it is time she should go completely humane, by going vegan. A new petition is asking the show’s creators to have Lisa go vegan. The petition started down under in Perth, Australia by Matt Hanson. The movement has 5000 signatures already.

“Lisa has famously been opposed to eating meat, and now could extend that line of thinking towards dairy, eggs, and all animal products. The Simpsons is the world’s most popular animated sitcom. To have Lisa go vegan would be a very influential character arc that would spread awareness of veganism—a philosophy that at its core attempts to make the world a better place.” said Hanson.

Hanson has only been vegan for about four months himself. However, he said Lisa inspired many to go vegetarian after the famous 1995 episode when she gave up meat. Here is a snip from the epic 1995 episode of “Lisa The Vegetarian” (Season 7, episode 5). We support you Lisa!