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Laboratory Rabbits Destined for Death; Watch as They Free For The First Time.

This video and report comes from our friends at One Green Planet. Where their team heard about rabbits that had lived in a lab their entire lives, then were sentenced to go to the slaughterhouse.

The rabbits spent their life in a hellish environment serving as test subjects at a university in Spain. The O.G.P. team worked for a solution to free the rabbits who were covered with wounds, tumors, cuts, and puncture wounds from being laboratory specimens.


The Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary team assisted with the release of the eight beautiful bunnies and they were taken to the Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary where they could experience freedom for the first time in their lives.  In the video you will see the simple joy they display when they feel grass below their feet and sun on their face for the first time ever.

Once the rabbits felt more at ease they were integrated into a larger area where they would make some new friends.


The testing of innocent animals has to stop. This great story is just a needle in a haystack of millions of horrific stories of animal cruelty each year. Many of the tests that are performed done on animals to test them for humans have proven to be useless.

The bigger issue is, animals have feelings too, their lives are no less meaningful than our own. These scientists would not conduct the same experiments on their family, friends, or neighbors. Why is it different for animals?

Thank you to the O.G.P. team and the kind-hearted folks at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary. Please let your voice be heard: Let others know that we must stop the violence towards animals.

Here is a great resource for cruelty free products.

All images sourced from: Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary