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Kudos to MFA for Bringing Down Another Animal Abuse Hub

Twelve employees of the largest dairy farm factory in Canada were caught conducting terrible acts of animal abuse by recent undercover video footage. These twelve individuals will face jail time as well as $75K in fines.


Mercy for Animals (MFA) conducted an undercover investigation recently of the large daily farm and found unspeakable, but not totally uncommon accts of animal abuse. The video displayed employees punching bulls in the testicles, the squeezing of festering open wounds, and even using farm equipment to hoist animals by the neck.

Images and video similar to this is what caused this author to go Veg. The owners and employees at the farm factory will face two years in prison, heavy fines, and the inability to ever own animals again for the 20 counts of animal abuse. There is a special place reserved for people like this.

Kudos to for MFA for uncovering these barbaric acts. This court ruling may still shock some, but it should not after other recent landmark ruling against Hybrid Turkeys, and Tyson Foods recently. Spread the word that animal abuse is unacceptable and people are to naive that this just does not occur. Even free range cows and chicken meet a similar outcome. Go Veg and have an Appetite for Peace.

Photo credit: Mercy For Animals website