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It is Not a Coincidence that Unwanted E-Junk is Called SPAM

What do you get when you mix satire and humor with undercover footage of heinous acts on animals?  The answer to this riddle is SPAM, both literally and metaphorically speaking. Animal-rights organization Compassion Over Killing (COK) recently launched the “Unauthorized Spam Tour” initiative to counter pork producer Hormel. Fun fact: pork is also a political term used to describe a project that is created to benefit just the immediate people surrounding the project. Pork based company Hormel is in the midst of their “SPAMERICAN Tour,” which just visited San Francisco.

 SPAM has been the butt of many jokes, and animals for years. However, SPAM is ironically the most popular product made by Hormel. COK just released disturbing  undercover footage that documented barbaric acts of animal cruelty. According to COK, the video shows animals being hit, shocked, and dragged around. In this disgusting footage a worker is actually recorded saying, “if the USDA was around they could shut us down.”

Hormel will continue to travel across the country the next few weeks showcasing its SPAM product. Compassion Over Killing produced and is showcasing their own “Unauthorized SPAM” video, in honor of Hormel. In their video viewers are taken on a satirical tour of Hormel’s slaughterhouse. The video blends animation with the organization’s undercover footage, revealing the bloody genesis of SPAM. “We created the ‘Unauthorized SPAM Tour’ to take Americans behind the closed doors of a Hormel slaughterhouse,” Executive director of COK Erica Meier stated. “Consumers want to know the truth about where their food is coming from.” People need to not only know what is in their food, but how it is made. Enlightening people will continue the rise of those joining Team Veg. Kudos to the folks at Compassion Over Killing for bringing this all to light.