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How to Raise a Child Vegan

Whitney (AKA Eco-Vegan Gal) interviews Sayward Rebhal of about her experience raising her vegan son, Waits.

Rebhal talks about how a child needs to be at a certain level of maturity to understand the overarching concept behind veganism, which is the fact that there is no need for any animal to be hurt or be killed for our pleasure – animals are not commodities, they are beautiful living creatures, so kids understand at the very least that animals are friends, and that’s all it takes for your child to want to be vegan.

Rebhal also addresses how Waits feels when he interacts with non-vegans and what his experience is like at preschool. It is also important to make sure you form a strong foundation with your child at home about what not to eat and why he/she doesn’t eat it because when the child is alone at school, you must make sure that he/she does not fall into the temptation of trying something non-vegan, so you must notify teachers and other parents of your child’s situation and makes sure that they respect your decisions.

Rebhal’s Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide: