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Horrific Seal Hunt Taking Place in Canada.

Why do some barbaric acts still take place? We are not in the stone ages anymore! Appetite for Peace staff is livid and disgusted by the news that half a million seal cubs will be Slaughtered in Canada as the Canucks horrific seal hunt begins despite the fact that the commercial seal industry is an epic failure. Prime Minister Trudeau’s leadership is under fire for not being a vocal critic to these disturbing acts.

America, the Russians and the EU nations are among thirty five countries that have already banned the trade in seal products on ethical grounds as accusation of cubs being skinned alive, have proved to be true.

Canada is now under the scrutiny of every activist as the country continues implementing seal hunting.  Due to the current state of the seal industry all over the world, protesters are urging the government to stop the animal trade practices.Canadian-Seal-Hunt-Appetite-For-Peace

It was announced last year that Canada will spend $150,000 CND to promote its northern sealing industry and that it is the first installation of the five-year, $5.7 million Certification and Market Access Program for Seals. Despite efforts by protesters from around the globe, the current Prime Minister of Canada has not made any efforts to prevent the plan from going forward.


Canadian tax payers should be irate too as they are covering the expense of this senseless slaughter. Rather than find alternative livelihoods for unemployed people in economically depressed parts of Canada, the politicians give them the seals. As if it is their right to do so, and as though sacrificing them is a socially responsible action to provide gainful employment. If the roles were reversed the politicians would likely vote differently.


Furthermore, Canada is throwing money into the dying, outdated and horrifically cruel fur industry which has no place in modern society. The young seals are slaughtered early on in their innocent lives due to the fact that the pup’s coats only stay white for a short time before changing color. Please share this story and help us spread the word on these barbaric acts.