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Holy Crap: Chicken Farmers Forced to Wear Diapers!?

It is not often that we complain about human’s being treated poorly, rather than animals. A new Oxfam America report has unveiled some of ridiculously unbelievable conditions that people face while working at factory farms.

The Oxfam America centers around, well…. a lack of bathroom breaks. The document details how poultry farmers that work for less than $10 an hour, are humiliated by coming to work in adult diapers due to the implementation of strict rules that leave employees with virtually no bathroom breaks for a day-long shift.


Apparently, the health, happiness, and well being of the farmers is not as important as prioritizing the efficiency and speed of the company. Employees have said that some they are permitted to take a break once they have found a replacement person to cover for them, which can take up to an hour. Even in that situation, employees are only allotted 5-7 minutes in which they will spend 95% of that time removing their chicken torture gear.

Workers were treated like 5 years-olds with over-active bladders, reporting that they were told not to drink a lot of water. “It’s not just [workers’] dignity that suffers: they are in danger of serious health problems,” the report notes—urinary tract infections, if left untreated, can lead to kidney infections and even death. Tyson Foods, one corporation named in the report, claims that they have found no evidence to substantiate the anonymous anecdotes with the report and that it was “checking to make sure our position on restroom breaks is being followed and our Team Members’ needs are being met.”

The fact that this is even a conversation is just ludicrous . Now that people and animals are impacted, maybe more people will take notice.