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Heroic Young Boy Risks His Life To Save a Baby Deer.

Every once in a while people perform acts of bravery leave you in awe and restore your confidence in humanity. This is one of those moments. A baby deer is incredibly grateful for this young boy from Noakhali, Bangladesh, who risked his life. The fawn had been separated from its family during flood rains and was struggling in the water.

The deer was on the brink of death and Belal, the young boy risked his own life for the fawn.


We are very fortunate that Belal was successful in his efforts, and wildlife photographer Hasibul Wahab was there to capture the heroic effort of the boy. Wahab states that “he was such a brave boy–the river was so full of water and it was high tide so we thought he might drown.”


This is one of our favorite hero stories. Stories like this are what make us all eat, and live the way we do. We value the lives of our furry and finned friends, and we believe that every life counts.


We continue to be inspired by the bravery and selflessness of everyday people like Belal. We all have the power to be heroes.