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Heroic Fisherman Risk Lives: Save Tiger Shark

Are these guys crazy, heroic….or both? We are just glad that they were successful in saving this 9 foot tiger shark which was caught by accident in west Australia. Check out the heroic rescue in the video below.

In 2014, residents in the western Australia area allowed to take part in a large scale shark cull. The cull was supposedly put in place to protect humans from the “threat” of sharks. Quite ironic isn’t it? If humans killed each other at the same rate we kill animals then we would all be extinct in 17 days…but I digress. Even though thousands of protesters were adamantly opposed to the cull, over 170 sharks were unnecessarily slaughtered because humans “were scared.”

Both the brave fisherman and the lucky shark were fortunate to survive this encounter with all teeth, and limbs in place.