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Heroic Diver Rescues Whale Shark Caught in Net

Watch as this heroic diver frees a whale shark that had been caught in a net for so long that it was slowly cutting into its own fins. Bycatch is the even uglier side if meat eating when it comes to our oceans. Unfortunately, it is similar to the scenario of dogs vs pigs, most don’t see anything wrong with eating tuna or salmon. The bigger issue is meat eating leads to even larger consequences in our environment and inevitably OUR future as tenant on this earth.

Our ridiculous obsession for meat as a culture has led to an estimated collapse in fish populations in as little as nine years. In case that is not frightening enough, our fishing habits also have horrific unintentional consequences: the death of turtles, dolphins, sharks, and countless other ocean dwellers like the whale shark in this video. In fact, it is estimated that bycatch makes up around 40 percent of commercial fish catches.