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Great Minds Think Alike: Geniuses that Lived A Veg Lifestyle.

Why do Vegans have to constantly fend off ridicule when we are the ones that are preserving life? The majority of the population is indeed carnivore based, but this is changing due to increased awareness of plant based nutrition, and the inability to sustain the current demand for meat. Humans are quite simply wiping out whole populations of species.

The need to switch the a Veg lifestyle is one that a large percentage of the population should make now, but will need to make out of necessity in the next twenty years as the world becomes even more over-populated. This may sound like tree-hugging, hippie hogwash to many, but this was common sense to DaVinci and Einstein many, many years ago.

Greatest-Minds-Vegans-Appetite-For Peace

In case you were not aware, many of the world’s leading minds have historically lived a Veg lifestyle, meaning that they were vegan or at least vegetarian.  Many of them did not approach it as compassion, but simply what appeared to be common sense to them.

Several hit movies have been made about cracking Davinci’s code, but nobody yearns for the reality that DaVinci would not have condoned that meat lover’s pizza during the playoff games. Did Einstein, DaVinci, Plato, Tesla and Gandhi have some special divine insight? No, truth be told they were just brilliant at seeing the big picture; it just made more sense to them to eat a plant based diet.


The truth is these enlightened individuals simply shared a peaceful nature; they valued every life. These individuals did not see the speciesism that most are blinded by today. Why is a man’s life more valuable than cow, chicken, or turkey’s life? Maybe everyone should at least be open-minded to options, not just for the chicken. We all share the same world. Let’s have an appetite for peace.