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Glamorous Vegans

Many people assume vegans to be tree-hugging, self-righteous hippies that chew on grass on their fours in the middle of a random field, but let me tell you that is so far from the truth for the majority of vegans out there. Vegans are people – normal people who have a different diet than most; it just exhibits a lifestyle that’s cleaner, healthier, and happier, which frankly makes certain people a bit jealous and insecure, so they start insulting us and bashing our way of life. Vegans are not hippies (generally), and that’s precisely the point that Mr. Roll and Ms. Piatt want to make.

Mr. Roll, who is 48 but looks as if he could still compete on the Stanford swim team, talked the other day about his workout routine and how abandoning meat and milk helped return him to a state of godlike health. “Kicking dairy was brutal,” he said. “That’s like getting off OxyContin.”

Ms. Piatt, who also goes by her spiritual name, SriMati, was all flared pants and dark flowing hair as she crisped up veggie burgers in a pan. She was happy to reveal her age; people don’t believe her anyway. “I’m 53,” she said. “It’s my nonalcoholic, meditative, yogic, vegan lifestyle.”

Influential vegans, such as Rich Roll and Julie Piatt, are attempting to replace people’s assumption of an unkempt hippie image with a new look: glamorous, prosperous, sexy, and epidermally beaming with health.


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