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Gik’s Vegan Blue Wine Coming Soon to the United States

A trendsetting Spanish company is seeking to capitalize off of innovation and the rising demand for vegan products with it’s bright blue hued wines. Here is some more information on this awesome 11.5% product directly from the forward thinking minds at Gik. We have already pre-ordered a few bottles to share with you all.

The blue color comes from being extracted from the red grapes. There are no sugars added at all. Gik also uses a mix of red and white grapes from three different varieties.








Here is some more information directly from our friends at Gik.

“Try to forget everything you know about wine. Try to unlearn the hundreds of protected wine designations of origin, the complex and demanding service standards and everything that sommelier said at a tasting course to which you were invited. Forget traditions and forget that we are speaking about the liquid which represents the blood of Christ at church.

Now open your eyes, what do you see? A sweet and blue drink with 11.5 degrees of alcohol. That’s Gïk. Do you want to try it?” We hope you pre-order some awesome blue vegan wine to share with us as well.