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German Veg Food Sales rise over 600%!

Germany is known for being a trend setter. They brought us Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven, they are known for precise engineering, and our Bavarian friends also engineered the worlds largest beer event Oktoberfest… which actually occurs in September.

According to the industry report released  by the Institute for Trade Research (IFH) Cologne, 2015 saw an enormous growth in vegan food sales in Germany with a total sale of EUR 454 million. The report suggests that more and more consumers are opting for vegetarian and vegan food. This could be a great news for the supermarkets as it could increase their market share. Over the past five years, sales increased most in the vegetarian and vegan meat and dairy alternatives product groups

According to another new report by research outlet Mintel, vegetarian and vegan food in Germany has also increased sevenfold in the last five years. While in 2011 only two percent of food displayed “vegetarian” or “vegan” labels, in 2015. This figure has climbed to 12 percent, with the vegan claim alone rising from one to nine percent.

According to Mintel senior food and drink analyst Katya Witham, the sharp increase is evidence that “foods that were once considered as inferior alternatives to non-vegetarian and non-vegan options are now becoming legitimate contenders for the attention of every day consumers.”

The report reveals that one in three Germans (even higher: 39 percent for millennials) are actively making vegetarian foods a part of their lifestyle. The majority of respondents identify ethical and environmental reasons as the primary causes for their choice to go meat-free. We could not agree with you more Germany!