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Food Publication Names Top Vegan Chocolate Bars

Chocolate is arguably one of the tastiest things on Earth. Vegan chocolate is all of the tastiness with none of the cruelty. So, without further adieu we present the top three vegan bars according to food publication Bon Appétit.

During development of a recipe for a vegan chocolate tarte, the experts at Bon Appetit sampled many dark chocolate bars (rough job, huh?) and choose their favorites. Winners include Theo Pure 85% Dark, Madécasse 80% Cacao, and Scharffen Berger 82% Extra Dark Chocolate, which they described as having a “figlike sweetness [that] kept us coming back for nibbles.”

The renowned food media brand has recently devoted several features to vegan topics including a children’s taste test of the new vegan Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and a showcased the vegan pantry staple nutritional yeast. We all appreciate the research and insight of Bon Appetit as the public needs to be educated that vegans don’t just eats lettuce, seeds, and nuts.