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ESPN showcases Vegan NFL Player Griff Whalen

The Miami Dolphins’ new wide receiver credits his vegan lifestyle for his football success. In a recent feature by sports media juggernaut ESPN, staff writer James Walker interviewed Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver (and vegan) Griff Whalen.

Walker points out that Whalen’s small frame and the fact that he was not selected at the NFL Draft were disadvantages the player has countered by adopting a vegan diet. “It doesn’t matter how hard you train,” Whalen said, “there’s a certain limit to how much you can do on the field or in the weight room.”

The National Football League player spent the last four years with the Indianapolis Colts before being signed by the Miami Dolphins reveals that his diet intrigues fellow players. “When we sit down at lunch, it’s hard to not notice that all I’ve got is veggies on my plate. So yeah, it comes up all the time, and guys are genuinely interested.”

Whalen went vegan for both health and ethical reasons and is one of the most recent on a growing list of professional athletes to go vegan to improve their performance, lifestyle, and conscious including: fellow football players David Carter and Tyrann Mathieu. We wish you luck this season gentlemen.